The plumbing system is one of the most important aspects of residential and commercial properties and improves the functionality of the space.
Unfortunately, there can be a number of problems that develop over time due to a lack of care and maintenance that is provided. For those who want to protect their plumbing system from common issues, there are a few resolutions to practice for the new year for added peace of mind.

Keep the Pipes Warm

During the winter season, the pipes are prone to become too cold and freeze due to low temperatures outside. This can cause the pipes to burst, which can cause water damage to the property and can be expensive to repair. Inspect and add extra insulation to the pipes to ensure that they stay warm with the use of foam board and fiberglass that is installed. It’s also important to air seal the area to prevent cold air from leaking in. If you live in an old house, you can increase the temperature on the thermostat to increase the temperature in the air and keep the pipes warmer.

Protect the Toilet

It can be easy for the toilet to become clogged due to trash or waste that is tossed out. Avoid treating the toilet like a trash can by flushing down items that include cotton balls, flushable wipes, dental floss, oil, cigarettes, paper towels, and prescription medicine. This can cause the pipes to become backed up, which will make the toilet overflow when you try to flush it. If the toilet becomes clogged, you can contact Alvarez Plumbing to remedy the problem with emergency services that are available 24 hours a day.

Get the Plumbing System Inspected

It can be easy to neglect the plumbing system and avoid giving it attention until a problem develops. Homeowners should have the plumbing system inspected in the new year by hiring a professional technician who can evaluate the pipes and ensure that everything is in good condition. The professional will be able to determine if any problems are developing, which can prevent disasters and save more money with the inspection. You’re guaranteed to save money if a hidden leak is discovered before it begins to cause extensive water damage to the property.

Avoid Throwing Everything Down the Garbage Disposal

Many people treat their garbage disposal like a trash can and discard everything from noodles to potato skins by placing it down the drain. Although the disposal does an effective job of grinding up different types of materials, it’s prone to become clogged when certain types of waste are disposed. If the wrong item is tossed down, it can also cause damage to the blades and motor. Glass, plastic, paper, or metal should not be placed in the disposal. The device should also be cleaned regularly with soap and water to maintain its efficiency. Other products to avoid placing down the drain include grease, harsh chemicals, coffee grinds, corn husks, rice, and large amounts of food.

Avoid Delaying Plumbing Repairs That are Needed

Due to money and time, many homeowners make the mistake of procrastinating on repairs that are needed with their plumbing system. Unfortunately, most repairs that are needed are time-sensitive and only become worse the longer that they’re neglected. Make a resolution this year to repair the plumbing system immediately when it’s needed to save money due to larger problems that can develop. Call an Alvarez Plumbing professional to make the repairs and ensure that the plumbing system is functioning again.

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