One of the biggest plumbing catastrophes that a homeowner can experience is a flood. A flood can be from a burst pipe which began as just a minor clog in one of your drains or a backed up toilet in your bathroom. Repairing water damage from even a minor flood is costly as well as time-consuming, but drain maintenance is easy. Proper drain cleaning and care is the best way to prevent plumbing flood disasters in Salinas, California. 

More Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Along with avoiding floods, keeping your drains cleaned ensures that you’ll always have good, constant water pressure. Clogs move down your pipes, shift and change position which can take a toll on the water pressure from your shower and sink faucets. Keeping all of your drains free and clear also prevents clogged toilets. Your toilet should always flush smoothly. Clogged sewage drains in particular can result in unpleasant smells in the home even if there are no obvious signs of an obstruction in your plumbing system. A home with clean drains will be more hygienic and you should never experience sour smells, not even in your basement or crawlspace.

Proper Drain Care and Maintenance

Don’t wait until an issue arises to take the steps to clean your drains. You should be cleaning your drains regularly as a form of preventative maintenance. A clog is inconvenient and if it goes ignored it can escalate and turn into the worst case scenario – a flood. If you know that your plumbing is older you should be cleaning your drains even more often and having them routinely inspected.

Familiarize yourself with the common problem spots in your pipes and pay special attention to them. These are places like your kitchen drain traps, which get clogged by grease and food debris. Your shower drain is also inclined to become clogged by hair and other solids. Your entire plumbing system is complex and interconnected so it is important to realize that a clog in one location can cause issues in a completely different location. You’ve experienced this if you ever flushed a toilet and had water back up into a nearby sink. For that reason, you need to periodically clean all of your drains.

Drain Cleaning Products

Be careful when selecting drain cleaning products. Some products on the market can actually cause damage to your pipes at the same time they they remove hazardous debris. A few do-it-yourself techniques that you can use as preventative maintenance include pouring baking soda and white vinegar down your sink drains or lemon juice. This can break up small clogs before they cause any sort of problem and also removes odors.

Prevent Plumbing Problems

Prevention is really the best way to avoid floods. A plumbing professional can help you remove clogs and repair backed up drains before they lead to burst pipes and more severe overflows. If you leave in the Salinas area, then don’t hesitate to call Alvarez Pluming at the first sign of a drain problem. We’re the leading source when it comes to both drain repairs as well as routine maintenance. We can help you clean your drains and our experienced technicians can also share invaluable techniques with you that you can perform on your own between our visits.