Backflow Services in Salinas, CA

Many state municipal codes require that there be a device installed to prevent backflow at every cross-connection section that may be found in the plumbing systems of condominiums, apartments, food establishments and many other commercial or public places. The degree of the hazard present on a premises will determine the type of backflow device needing to be used.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is when the flow of dirty water gets reversed and gets mixed with the clean, or potable, water lines. The clean water flows through water lines under pressure through lines connected to businesses and homes. Dirty water may be contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, feces, hazardous material and fertilizers. Backflow is capable of happening at any cross-connections between non-potable and potable water in any commercial, residential or industrial systems.

Backflow Prevention

There is usually a device installed made up of a couple of mechanical check values to prevent any backflow. These are what prevent the dirty water from backflowing into the clean water supply during an event that a drastic or unexpected change of water pressure occurs. When the device is installed properly and maintained, the drinking water will be kept free of contaminants and safe to drink.

Backflow Testing

The valves on the backflow devices will need to be inspected on an annual basis to ensure they are operating properly and up to local codes within your municipality. If you own a business then your clean water supply could be subject to interruption. A fine may be given if a backflow test is not completed in the time frame it’s supposed to.

Quality Service

Our technicians are able to perform repairs, annual backflow testings, installation of devices and backflow certifications for any type of backflow prevention device. Your technician will take care of any paperwork related to the annual inspection as well as give you a reminder when your next inspection is in order to keep your property in good standing with your local water authority.

An Alvarez Plumbing backflow expert will also perform an inspection on your plumbing system to make sure your property has proper backflow devices equipped.

Call today to schedule a backflow test and rely on our technicians to ensure your property has safe water. Additionally, we are able to help with a number of additional services associated with commercial plumbing such as water heater repair, leak detection, water jetting and more. We can also offer our customers water conservation tips as well as DIY plumbing assistance.

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