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When you need help with your plumbing services in Salinas, CA, you need to work with experienced professionals who can provide the support you need. At Alvarez Plumbing, you will find an experienced plumbing contractor who can help you navigate any problems you may have, from the initial plumbing installation to plumbing repair. Our experienced staff is ready to provide the quality assistance you need, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services in Salinas, CA

When you need plumbing repair or plumbing installation services, you can count on our plumbing company to provide everything you need on time. We take pride in helping each of our customers find the ideal solution to their plumbing issues so they can rely on running water and other operational plumbing components. We offer all types of services, including pipes, any type of plumbing repair, fixture installation and even water heater installation. Our goal is to ensure every customer is well cared for.


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Emergency Plumbing Services

We understand not every problem occurs at a convenient time. When you have a problem outside of our normal operating hours, you can contact our emergency plumber for help.

We offer 24 hours plumbing services in Salinas, CA, so you never have to wait until we open in the morning to take care of the issue. We understand many plumbing problems only get worse with time, making it essential to repair them as quickly as possible.

Backflow Services

An Alvarez Plumbing backflow expert will also perform an inspection on your plumbing system to make sure your property has proper backflow devices equipped.

Call today to schedule a backflow test and rely on our technicians to ensure your property has safe water. Additionally, we are able to help with a number of additional services associated with commercial plumbing such as water heater repair, leak detection, water jetting and more. We can also offer our customers water conservation tips as well as DIY plumbing assistance.

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