Whether you need a plumber for an emergency or you’re planning a renovation, you need to choose the right company. The best plumber will take care of your needs while providing you with competitive rates and great service. While all plumbers make these claims, not all of them follow through. Use these tips to filter through the available information and find a company that will actually provide you with great service.

Experience You Can Count On

Plumbers rely on repeat business to make their living, but customers won’t call back if they don’t receive great service. When you find an established plumber that’s been in business for more than a decade, you can bet that they’re doing something right. They’re taking care of their customers and providing reliable service. This is a great initial indicator of a quality plumber.

Emergency Services Required

When you’re choosing the plumber that you’ll trust with your home repairs, insist on a company that offers 24-hour emergency service. You never know when a water line might break and leave you dealing with potential serious water damage. Fast response is necessary to deal with leaking lines and clogged drains, so choose a plumber that will be there for you when you need the services most.

Warranty on Labor

You want reliable repairs that are done right the first time. When plumbing work is done incorrectly, it leads to problems later. Paying someone else to fix the mistakes from the last plumber is costly, but it’s also avoidable. In addition to choosing an established company, look for a professional who stands behind his work. A plumbing company worth your business will guarantee their work with a warranty. This way, you can call them back to have future problems corrected if the work isn’t done right. However, most companies offer a warranty because they’re confident in their work and are providing services that will last.

Customer Satisfaction Matters

Some people say that the customer is always right, and that’s who you need on your side. Look for a company that puts their customer satisfaction guarantee in writing on their contracts and websites. This gives you peace of mind knowing that they’ll continue working until you’re happy with the results.

Professional Affiliations Make a Difference

Many plumbers proudly list professional affiliations, and there’s a good reason behind this. Plumbers who are working with agencies like the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association are invested in their field. They’re keeping up with new technological changes and methods that make their service more efficient and effective. Their customers benefit from this commitment to learning and improving.

Alvarez Plumbing | Salinas, CA

Alvarez Plumbing of Salinas, CA, is a locally owned and operated company offering customers all of these benefits and more. They’ve been in the industry for 30 years, and they bring that experience to every job. They’re committed to finishing work right the first time so that customers won’t have problems in the future. This shows in their excellent craftsmanship, and they stand behind everything they do with a one-year guarantee on work. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed on their scheduled services and emergency assistance, so you can count on them for excellent service and courteous treatment. Members of the PHCC, they work hard to provide you with smoothly operating plumbing and worry-free systems. Their prices are competitive, and they also provide consumers with home tips to help them keep their plumbing systems in top condition. Call them today to learn more about this company and see why Alvarez Plumbing is the right company to trust.