For most people any issue with their home’s plumbing, big or small, qualifies as a plumbing emergency. This is not the case. Although no problem with your plumbing system should be ignored, there are some situations that are truly urgent. They are problems that cannot wait to be addressed, and you should call on the professionals right away. The following situations are characteristic of those that would definitely be considered plumbing emergencies.


Hot Water Outage

Waking up, or coming home after a long day of work, only to discover that you have no hot water would be more than an inconvenience. Showering and bathing would be far from pleasant, especially during the winter when pipes are colder. Even simple tasks like washing your hands or doing the dishes would be a pain. But there is no need to worry when you have qualified professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll get your water heating issues solved in no time, allowing you to get on with your day without major interruption to your routine.



Some leaks, like a dripping faucet, are not considered to be plumbing emergencies. They will not ruin your day if they are not taken care of immediately. But a major leak, especially in a place where it may go undetected for an extended period of time, should be handled as soon as you become aware of it. In some cases, the leak goes undetected until you find yourself standing in a puddle of water. Leaking hoses from washing machines and dishwashers have been known to cause this type of flooding, suddenly and over time. Standing water can cause damage to your flooring, baseboards, walls and more. And even when you think you have cleaned up all the water, moisture can stick around causing deterioration and mold growth. It is very important that your home remain structurally sound and free of potentially hazardous mold. So if you have discovered a leaking washer hose, toilet, or even water heater call help immediately.



As with leaks, not all clogs are plumbing emergencies. However, severe clogs can be very problematic, and therefore considered urgent. These types of clogs can not only disrupt the proper functioning of your plumbing system, but they can also lead to much worse. Severe clogs can cause showers, tubs, sinks, toilets to overflow which can in turn lead to water damage. It is important that the blockage be located and removed because ignoring clogs can lead to damaged pipes that may have to be completely replaced. Clogged sewage and drain pipes should be handled by professionals immediately. They will clear the blockage before any major damage is done.


Ruptured Pipes

A ruptured, or broken, pipe is a major plumbing issue. Like leaks and clogs, when gone undetected a ruptured pipe can cause extensive water damage. Pipes usually burst because they freeze over during winter when proper precautions are not taken. Corrosion has also been known to cause plumbing pipes to rupture, growing against and eventually right through them. No matter the cause, a ruptured pipe is definitely a plumbing emergency. Once a pipe is broken the water flow will not stop until your home’s water is completely shut off, and this could potentially ruin your home. Prevent costly water damage caused by ruptured pipes. Turn off your water and call help immediately.


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