The plumbing system in a home is among the most important yet often overlooked features when buyers purchase a property. This is the system that delivers fresh, clean water to the kitchen, bathrooms and other areas. It also carries waste water away from the home. The intricate network of pipes runs through the walls, in the foundation and even in the ground outside the home. When it becomes damaged in some way, the ability to use the system for access to fresh water and removal of waste water is impaired. More than that, the home itself can become severely damaged when the system is not in great shape. The unfortunate truth is that many home buyers purchase a home without understanding or researching the condition of the plumbing system. It is best to understand the condition of this vital system before you take ownership, and there are a few key areas that you should pay attention to.


The Water Heater

Most water heaters will function well for approximately a decade, but they may require repair work before this period of time. A plumber can inspect the hot water heater to tell you how old it is, what repair work may be required and if it complies with current codes. In addition to a plumber’s inspection, you can visibly inspect the unit to determine if it is located in an area that could cause water damage if it leaks and if steps are being taken to prevent water damage in the home.



In each bathroom of the home, you can visibly inspect the interior and exterior of the toilet. By holding each toilet, you can determine if the toilet itself moves or if the flooring around the toilet gives way when pressure is applied. The toilet should not move at all when this process is performed. If it does, this is a sign that there has been a leak and the sub-flooring may be damaged. You can also easily flush the toilet to determine if it flushes and refills properly.


The Sewer Line

It can be difficult to inspect a sewer line without proper equipment, but you can walk through the home to ensure that all of the toilets flush and the drains flow clearly. Issues with these steps may indicate that you have a minor clog, or they could indicate that there is a larger sewer line issue developing. The best way to determine if there is a sewer line issue is to have a plumbing perform a video inspection of the sewer line. Keep in mind that this type of issue could result in backed up sewage waste in the home that could cause health issues and could cost thousands of dollars to remedy.


The Garbage Disposal

In addition to inspecting each of these areas, you can take the final step to inspect the garbage disposal. Turn the kitchen faucet on, and flip on the garbage disposal unit. Pay attention to the sound of the unit when it runs, and look at the counter or sink for vibration and movement. You should also inquire with the owner about the age of the unit. Typically, these units are only designed to provide a homeowner with a few years of use before they need to be replaced.


While these are among the easiest items for a buyer to review when walking through a home, the fact is that the home may also have hidden water leaks in the pipes that run through the walls or in the ground outside the home. A plumbing company can provide you with a thorough inspection of the entire plumbing system in the home, and this can be highly beneficial to you. Before you take final ownership of the property, consider setting up plumbing inspection service with an established plumbing company. This simple step may save you thousands of dollars in repair bills after you take ownership of the home.


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