Old methods to diagnose plumbing problems used a process of elimination. If it was just a sink, toilet or shower, the problem was usually at the closest P-trap for clogged drains. If all the drains were backing up, then the problem was in the main sewer line. Other problems such as sewer gas infiltrating the structure were worked out the same way. The problem with this method comes in the cost of repairs. Seeing where the actual problem is at can save many hours in labor costs. Plumbing inspection cameras can diagnose plumbing problems in minutes, eliminating the guesswork.

Plumbing Cameras Can Eliminate Excavation Costs

Leaking underground plumbing used to only be repairable by bringing in a backhoe and digging up the pipes for replacement. Now, water, sewer and gas lines can be repaired using a Cured-in-Place-Piping (CIPP) method. An inspection of plumbing by using a camera reveals the extent of the damage and the suitability of the pipe to be repaired. Without a visual inspection of the overall condition of a pipe, the only option is to dig it up and replace it.

Plumbing Inspection Cameras Used in Finding Obstructions

Slow and blocked drains can be caused by any number of things. It could be anything from tree roots to a full pipe collapse in terracotta sewer lines. Before any method of clearing the obstruction is used, it is important to have a visual inspection of the sewer line completed. The camera reveals not only the blockage but also the overall condition of the pipe. This information is then used to determine the best method of clearing an obstruction.

Rotating power snakes for sewer lines use special debris removal tips to deal with different types of obstructions. One is made for cutting away infiltrating roots. Hydrojetting uses high pressure water to blast away debris and roots. The sewer line must be able to withstand the forces of hydrojetting, and only a visual inspection done by a camera can ascertain that. Enzymes may be used to remove debris in some sewer pipes.

Inspecting Plumbing With Cameras to Save Repair Costs

Any home that has terracotta sewer lines should have an inspection that uses a plumbing camera done. Catching faults in the ceramic pipe and joints before a problem gets out of hand can save a considerable amount in repair expenses. Spot repair of a terracotta sewer line may delay replacement of the line by many years even if it is leaking or has intrusion of root systems from nearby trees. Compromised terracotta sewer lines usually start with slow drains and progress to a complete blockage at some point. Collapsed pipe must be replaced. Spot repairs can fix trouble areas before a major repair is necessary.

Some of the biggest costs in home repair are roof replacement and the replacement of sewer, water or gas lines. The jobs are labor intensive, which results in higher costs. Roofs have an average lifespan that cannot be dramatically altered. However, plumbing that is regularly inspected for trouble spots can essentially last indefinitely without being replaced. Camera inspections of plumbing allow our highly trained plumbers at Alvarez Plumbing to immediately see where a problem is developing. Cameras also permit us to do preventative maintenance to sustain plumbing integrity to help prevent serious faults from occurring and quickly locating such faults if they have occurred.

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