It is easy to take a garbage disposal for granted until it begins to operate slowly or emits a nasty odor in your kitchen, but keeping this device clean is simple. There are benefits from cleaning this appliance on a regular basis, including:

• Extending the life span of the appliance
• Helping it to grind food better
• Eliminating offensive odors
• Reducing the number of repairs

One of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen’s garbage disposal clean is by running water down the device on a daily basis. With the water shortage in Salinas, Calif., you probably are unable to do this and must find alternative garbage disposal sanitizing methods:

Use Ice to Remove Debris

If you can buy bags of ice at a supermarket, then toss a few inside the garbage disposal’s opening once a week to grind with the blades. The shards of ice help to remove debris from the interior surface and blades of the appliance. When bags of ice are not available and the water shortage continues, you must find other ways to deal with the problem of cleaning a garbage disposal.

Perform a Science Experiment

A natural way to keep a kitchen disposal clean is with an old-fashioned science class experiment. Sprinkle some baking soda into the disposer’s opening before pouring in a generous amount of white vinegar. Watch in amazement at the chemical reaction that occurs as this solution bubbles and fizzes to soak away debris inside the appliance. Both vinegar and baking soda also help to freshen the appliance to eliminate nasty odors caused by rotting food debris.

Pour in Citrus Juice

In Salinas, it is easy to buy citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemons and oranges, and the acid in the juices from these foods can remove debris from sink drains and garbage disposals. Do not place fruit peels down the drains because these substances are too fibrous and can break the blade or create a clog. Instead, pour a cup of full strength fresh fruit juice in the garbage disposal and allow it to sit for a while before turning on the appliance.

Mix Essential Oils with Castile Soap

A combination of essential oils and castile soap is another excellent way to clean a kitchen’s garbage disposal. Mix a few drops of essential oil in a fragrance you enjoy with a cup of castile soap. Pour this into the drain while grinding garbage and permit it to flow through the system along with the debris and water. The combination of soap and essential oils helps to dislodge grease from meat debris and improve the odor emanating from the sink’s drain.

Store-Bought Cleansers

Several companies manufacture garbage disposal cleansers that you can find in local stores in the cleaning products aisle. These are fast and easy to use when you do not have time to create your own garbage disposal cleanser. Whenever you are cleaning a garbage disposal, follow safety precautions such as making sure that nothing is in the sink such as eating utensils. Never put your hands inside the unit, and do not place your face over the opening.

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