Doing your own repairs and installations in your plumbing system can be very rewarding, but it’s important to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely to prevent accidents and further problems. Keep these key tips in mind when performing any plumbing work.

Dealing with Steam

Any pipes that may have steam in them should be handled with caution. Not only could the pipe itself be extremely hot but a leak may cause severe burns. Even if they don’t look particularly hot or steam isn’t emanating from it, it’s still important to wear protective gloves and eye protection when dealing with hot water pipes. Ideally, you’ll want a full-face protective mask, but your eyes are the most vulnerable in these situations.

Infection and Disease

When working with anything involving sewage or stagnant water, stay as dry and clean as possible to avoid the possibility of infection and illness. If you have any open wounds, bandage them as well as you can. When you’re done, ensure that you wash up very thoroughly with antibacterial soap.

Don’t Mix Chemicals

If a clog or filth problem is particularly severe, you may be tempted to use various chemical cleaners to flush it out thoroughly. However, this can be very dangerous. If one cleaner is an acid and another is an alkali, it can result in an explosion.

Be Wary of Fumes and Chemical Burns

One commonly overlooked aspect of using cleaners and chemical solutions is the issue of fumes and burns. Many cleaners and chemicals used for plumbing purposes are incredibly potent and possibly dangerous. They can easily cause burns when accidentally dripped or sprayed on exposed skin, and the fumes can cause various short and long term effects such as breathing difficulties and illnesses. Protect yourself from these dangers by using protective gloves, eye protection and filtration masks. It’s also important to do everything in your power to ensure that the room has proper ventilation.

Know When it’s Time to Call a Professional

There’s no shame in admitting when a plumbing task is outside of your skill range. Trying to tackle a problem too severe when you don’t have the skills or proper tools for the job can make a problem much worse, possibly causing damage to your home along the way. If you’re located in the Salinas, California area, call Alvarez Plumbing to take care of any plumbing issue no matter how big or small it may be. It can save you from a nightmare of plumbing issues, property damage and massive repair costs.