If you have a clogged toilet or a slow drain, you can tackle the repairs with a standard household plunger. Though, major plumbing problems will require the services of a professional. If you need advice or plumbing services, contact Alvarez Plumbing.

The Most Common Plumbing Problems

Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet is annoying, and it also increases your water bill. There are various reasons why a faucet drips; the most common reason is because one of the components could be damaged. For example, the washer may need to be replaced inside the tap. A worn out cartridge also causes dripping problems.

Low Water Pressure

When the natural minerals in water build up and coat the interior of your pipes, your water pressure will reduce. Without maintenance, minerals will cause huge problems in your hot water pipes. Over time, the mineral scale will make your pipes narrow. The amount of minerals that access your pipes is determined by the hardness of your water, your home’s age, and the temperature of your water. If your home is very old, you must contact a licensed plumber because a professional plumber can determine if lime scale build up is causing the low water pressure.

Running Toilet

A constant running toilet is caused by water that continuously flows from the tank to the bowl. The water stops the fill valve from shutting off.

If your toilet turns on and off and runs occasionally for a few seconds, you could have a damaged tank ball or flapper. If a tank ball or flapper is defected, it will not seal properly, so water will seep back into the bowl slowly.

Leaky Pipes

Your home has failing pipes if you have discolored water or higher water bills. Pipes commonly leak when they are corroded; the corrosion rate is determined by the chemicals that are found in your water.

Shifting pipes also cause leaks, but this problem is tough to pinpoint without a professional. Over the years, pipes natural deteriorate and shift, which lead to crevices and cracks in the pipes that release water. In addition, your home’s foundation naturals shifts as it ages; when this happens, the joints in your plumbing separate; this also leads to leaks.

Your water heater could leak if the tank has deterioration, rust, or sediment build up. Many water heaters also have valves and filters that could become clogged because of sediment build up. If left untreated, the clog will cause a water leak.

Slow Drains

In the bathroom, soap scum and hair that do not go down the drain cause drain problems. These items usually gather around the drain opening.

A clogged trap causes drain issues too; the trap is the curved pipe that is found under your drain. When small objects drop down the drain, they remain in the trap. A clogged trap can be repaired without professional services; simply place a bucket under the trap and remove the pipe. Be careful when you remove the pipe because water will run out. Once removed, clean the trap efficiently and reinstall it.

Why Hire A Professional Plumber

Professional plumbers handle all repairs properly so that homeowners never waste time and money. Alvarez Plumbing in Salinas, California is the leading source for all plumbing projects. Our technicians tackle projects in residential and business locations. Call today!