California is facing one of its worst droughts in history. It’s so bad that the governor has declared a drought State of Emergency. Sadly, water conservation efforts are dropping, going from 22 percent to a startling nine percent in January of 2015. No matter where you live, it’s important to conserve water. Even local efforts can impact other places!


1. Buy a Nozzle for Your Hose

When your hose doesn’t have a nozzle, you’re letting water flow freely. This can lead to a huge waste! So you don’t have to kink your hose as you move from spot to spot in your yard, invest in a nozzle. They’re inexpensive and allow you to control the flow of water. Be sure to always shut the water off at the faucet to minimize water waste due to leaks.


2. Let Your Grass Grow Longer

Shorter grass requires more water. Letting your grass grow taller means their roots are deeper and they retain water longer so you don’t have to water as often. In addition, use fertilizers that have slow-release granules of nitrogen so they don’t suck up precious water.


3. Get High Tech With Your Sprinkler System

You can easily make your sprinkler system more efficient. First, install a rain sensor switch that will keep your sprinkler from coming on when it rains. You certainly don’t need to water your grass when it just got a good soaking from Mother Nature the night before. Check your timing device settings frequently; sometimes they malfunction and they might water your grass at night when you only have it set to water in the mornings. If you have a large garden, put in low-volume soaker hoses or a drip irrigation system to efficiently water your flowers and shrubs. This ensures you’re only watering your plants and the water isn’t running out to the street beyond.


4. Double Check How Much You’re Watering

A lawn generally needs about one-half or three-quarters inch of water. If you want to check how much your sprinkler system is doling out, place empty tuna cans around the yard for the duration of your water cycle. If they’re collecting more than the above mentioned amounts, you’re giving your grass too much water.


5. Monitor Your Showers

Try to keep your showers under five minutes to conserve water use. If you have older showerheads, keep in mind they use at least nine gallons per minute! Newer, more efficient shower heads only use about 2.5 gallons a minute.


6. Monitor Your Water Meter

Do two meter readings when no water is being used in your house and space them about two hours apart. This can alert you to leaks that aren’t visible to the naked eye. If you notice a move in the meter, don’t do any exploration on your own. Alvarez Plumbing is quick to respond to calls so you can minimize the mystery wasting of any water.


7. Reduce Your Garbage Disposal Usage

In-sink disposal systems require a lot of water to use. Consider starting a compost pile for those leftover dinner scraps.


8. Put Down Mulch

Putting down a layer of mulch around your trees and plants will slow down how quickly the water evaporates. Press the mulch down where the water starts to run off to keep the water near the roots.


9.Water Your Lawn at a Good Time

Avoid the hottest or sunniest parts of the day to water. The sun will cause the water to evaporate more quickly. The wind can blow your sprinkler heads out of line and lead to watering of sidewalks and driveways.


10.Keep Drinking Water in the Fridge

Even a few seconds of running water from the faucet to let it cool can add up over time. Instead, fill up a pitcher or water bottles and put them in the fridge so you can always reach for a cool drink of water.


You don’t have to take big, expensive measures to save water. Small steps make a huge difference! Plus, you’re saving the planet and saving money all at the same time.


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