Fixtures in your home may need an occasional repair, or they may require so many that you prefer to replace them. As convenience features, they need to do more than provide a functional purpose. Appearance is important, and refreshing your kitchen or bath with new fixtures  makes either room look better. Whether you are remodeling or looking for a way to improve the ambiance of a couple of frequently used rooms, upgrading your fixtures is the best place to start.

Deciding to Repair or Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Toilets last a long time, and they usually perform perfectly. Minor problems with clogs can occur if someone drops a small object into them that blocks the flow of waste, but Alvarez Plumbing can easily clear clogs. The biggest problem that you face with plumbing problems is that most of your system is hidden from view. It is hard to fix a problem that you cannot see, and it is potentially dangerous to try to make repairs yourself.

Some toilets have problems that are not fixable, and replacing one is the best option when you detect one that is beyond repair. Some signs that you need to replace your toilet include these:

• leaks in the tank or bowl
• frequent repairs
• scratches or cracks in the bowl
• outdated style
• incomplete flushing cycle
• stains

A toilet is one of the most frequently used fixtures in your home, and keeping it in good working order or replacing it is important for your family. The sink in your bath gets almost as much use as your toilet, and repairing the stop or fixing a leak is a small matter for a professional plumber. A crack in the bowl may pose health concerns, and replacing the sink is the best option.

Hard Water

Hard water can block the flow of water from your shower head, making it unable to deliver the amount that you enjoy when you take a bath. An updated fixture can restore a full flow that makes taking a shower an enjoyable experience. Alvarez Plumbing carries a line of shower heads that give you water flow and patterns that are superior to older models.

Improving Function and Appearance in Your Kitchen

Many homeowners regard the kitchen as the heart of the home, and real estate agents see it as a room that provides a good return on investment. Updating your kitchen with new sinks and faucets makes it more attractive as well as more functional. A deep sink offers more convenience than you may imagine, and a faucet with a high arc saves effort in filling or cleaning large pots. Faucet designs and finishes that complement the décor in your kitchen give it a touch of elegance while improving its efficiency.

Water Heaters

One of the most often used fixtures in many homes is the water heater, often located in or near the kitchen. Usually out of sight, it attracts no attention until it stops working. The elements in the unit may last as long as 10 years, but hard water deposits can shorten their lifespan. Leaks and corrosion around the base give you an indication that a unit needs repair or replacement so that your family can have hot showers, clean clothes and efficient use of the dishwasher. Your garbage disposal is a convenience that you may take for granted, but it is easy for problems to develop in it. Inspection by a professional plumber can identify the reasons that it does not work as efficiently as it once did, and a new model may be an option for you to consider.

Alvarez Plumbing has served the area for 30 years, providing 100 percent satisfaction and a 365 day guarantee that makes them a leading provider of faucet and fixture repair or replacement. Emergency service is available around the clock, and you can get the help you need at any time of the day or night.

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